Monday, August 31, 2015

This Generation - Sex Sells

So I'm watching MTV VMAs last night and I was so excited. I haven't watched anything from MTV lately because it's mostly over dramatized reality shows. The new "Scream" series has got me thinking maybe they are changing their ways...I was wrong.

Anyway, so the VMAs began with a killer Nicki Minaj performance. She's so talented with her voice and she can dance while singing. She had an amazing concept going back with her style of dance. Then pops Taylor Swift. I'm unfamiliar with their "fight" so I was just enjoying two performers on stage. Blew me away! Then cut to Mackelmore: wow! He has so much energy and really brings excitement to any stage. Just wow!

Then comes Miley. I knew what to expect but I wasn't as prepared. I completely respect her for trying to discover herself like we all do as young adults. She went over the top a couple times with the Mary Jane references, but that's just my opnion. 

So throughout the night I am blown away by performances: Tori Kelly (true artistry and talent), The Weeknd (that voice!), and Demi Lovado. I had one major issue with Demi's performance: why was she half naked??? She's an amazing vocalist and she could have performed that number in a more "covered" outfit without the vagina squats (dancing). It kept me thinking about how different the pop performers are now. It's more about sexualizing the female performers and it upsets me. This has always been a thing in the music industry but I believe it's getting out of control. 

Want to be a top female pop star? Better be prepared to wear next to nothing. It's not about the talent anymore like Tori Kelly. It's about the publicity of Nicki's "beefs" and who's got the best looking body while performing. That's sad to me. I care more about the sound and quality of the music rather than who's the "hottest in the industry." 

So why is this happening? Thoughts?