Sunday, June 29, 2014

Let's Go To The Movies

This has been an excitingly busy week! Started out with signing up for a second acting class and ended with two bookings and many new opportunities to come!

So Tuesday I met with a representative from an acting class in the Clearwater area. They have a great package deal for a reel, classes, headshots, and opportunity for meeting people in the business. That night I went to my other acting class to rehearse scenes from the upcoming feature, "The Grey Room Chronicles: I Am Sin." Make sure you check it out on IMDB. 

Thursday was the second acting class of the week and was helping me very much to get to know my character. 

Friday I submitted video auditions and scored TWO bookings for the summer! I was so excited! One is a supporting role as a villain and the other is a one day featured role. My resume is really building up! 

Today I am meeting with an up and coming film company through a church in Kissimmee. They have many projects coming up and have wonderful values. Definitely good opportunities for producing and writing as well as acting.

Things are progressing and I'm excited for the journey ahead...

Migraine Hell

So I've been a busy bee lately! This week I was in a commercial, and two new tv series. I was just an extra in an episode for both but the experiences and networking opportunities were great. 

So a couple weeks ago, I made a bold decision to bring one of my writings to life. I wrote a short comedic screenplay about the frustrations of migraines. I presented it to some friends in the film business and they loved it! 

Being the aggressive passionate person that I am, I started a social media following and we will have our first pre production meeting this week. It's going to be low budget and out of my pocket but the message will be amazing. It will give spoonies a bit of relief and hopefully a laugh. 

We start filming in January after the holidays are done so we have time to raise funds, do promotion, and build a hype. In this experience, I build my media company (I use it for self publishing too) for more than just writing. 

Also after the holidays, I'd like to go into part time work where I currently am and focus more on my art. In order to do that, I need to start finding ways to make money doing my art. 

My first full length fiction novel will be set to release in the fall and I have a romantic comedy screenplay started. I finished a feature film that's a thriller but the budget will be bigger than expected. So I need to build up investors, profit, and capital in order to start it.

My dreams are set in motion. I'm going to be bringing my musical dreams to life soon as well. I can do it all! I can be happy! I can achieve my dreams!