Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Transition

Many have already known, but it's time to tell the world that I'm transitioning out of my full time retail job to chase my dream!

Wait what? How is that possible? 

Well here goes:

1. I have been doing promos since last fall, but my availability has been limited due to a retail job. So starting June 1st, I'll be working hard to book enough promos to make a living.

2. Filming has picked up due to the summer so I'll be continuing to work on other projects as well as my own.

3. The money I make with promos and acting go toward bills and travel for new opportunities. So far I'll get to explore more of Northern Florida, North Carolina, and Washington DC! How awesome is that?

I want to blog more, especially with this new direction in my career. I want to keep video documenting my migraine symptoms as well as write more screenplays for the future.

The sky is the limit and I'm ready to soar!

Photo credit: CVI Productions for the upcoming feature film, "The Legend of Kate Kensington" where I play the main character's sister.