Saturday, July 18, 2015

Speed Dating

So by now many of you have seen me post Bouncy Boxer Media's newest film, "Speed Dating." ( This is the first project my partners in crime, Lexi Balestrieri and Chelsea Wolf, have fully taken the reins on. I wrote the screenplay and was line producer as well as first-time editor. I learned so much with this project. 

The idea of "Speed Dating" is to introduce some characters who will be featured on our upcoming web series, "Relation Shipwreck," which will premiere this summer. The series is currently being filmed and we are doing it all ourselves. Thankfully, we have many filmmakers who are helping us make the concept into a reality. 

When you work with independent filmmakers, you compliment each other. The energy you bring to the table is easily contagious. We strive as women filmmakers to create a positive outlook on our projects. The support of the local and international filmmakers has been humbling.

So if you haven't already, please watch our film, subscribe to the channel, and watch as we grow in our journey. With each set, we learn what works and what doesn't. We've come so far this past year and we will not stop.

 Photo: Bouncy Boxer Media founders Chelsea Wolf, Lexi Balestrieri, and owner Stefanie Davis doing a Q&A after the premiere of "Mograine Hell."