Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Beginning of the Future

So with my self publishing and now filmmaking, I needed to establish a business to keep things in line. My first thought was my dog, who gives me so much inspiration, love, and laughter. Anytime we go to the beach, she's a bouncy little baby girl. So a thought occurred to me: when I'm on a writing spree, I'm so much like her at the beach. I'm a bouncy boxer too! 

So Bouncy Boxer Media was born. I will be using this business for all my media adventures. So far it's been for self-published projects and a production company for my screenwriting. Someday soon it'll be so much more. 

As I start to gain more experience and credit, I start to think about what I want for my art career. To be able to express myself and offer my own original ideas brings me hope. I hope to also inspire others, especially women and spoonies, to do the same. Reach for it! Grab it! Be a bouncy boxer!

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