Sunday, March 31, 2013

In the beginning...

Welcome to my migraine diet blog!

Two years ago, I started having painful migraines and it interfered with my entire life. When I wasn't having migraines, I was having a headache. Can you imagine constant pain? I went to my primary care provider and she referred me to a neurologist. Since I was in a small town, the closest neurologist in my network was 90 minutes away.

My first appointment consisted of a head to toe assessment, they asked me a million questions, and prescribed Propanolol and Imitrex due to my high blood pressure. I didn't notice any change in a couple months (when I had my follow up appointment) so they increased the dosage of Propanolol but kept Imitrex the same. A couple more months went by and still no change. So they tried Relpax, a medication that others have praised. I took one on the onset of a migraine and immediately had a reaction. I felt like I was boiling in water and just wanted to punch the wall. I've never been in that much pain in my life. Good thing I got a sample of that med because it was $40 a bottle. A week later, I went to the ER with even more pain. They gave me a shot of Zofran for nausea and Topamax for the migraine. Thus beginning my journey with Topamax.