Monday, October 12, 2015

A Filming Story: A Poem

'Twas the night before filming and all through the producer's brain,
All plans were set in motion for a story so insane
The shot lists were printed in the binder with care,
In hopes an award winning cinematic adventure would soon be there.
The extras were wrangled all snug in their camp,
While visions of stardom shined bright as a lamp.
And the director in her jeans, DP in his polo,
Had just begun department meeting for all to follow
When out on the set, there arose such a chatter,
They ran from their meeting to see what's the matter
Away to the camera DP flew like a bird
Tore open the doors and didn't say a word
The moon on the breast of a perfect lit night
Gave a luste of midday to the angle in sight
When what to my wondering eyes did appear
But a sound man with a deadcat ready to hear
With a little old scripty so eager and loud
Screaming "continuity!" and writing so proud
More rapid than cheetahs the grips on location
I knew in a moment we were in formation
"Now DP, now AD, now Line Producer, now AC,
On Gaffer, on Grip, on PA, and Stacy!
From your one then to two to the end of the scene!
Now rehearse and execute to film for the screen!"
As the camera rolls and the 2nd AC slates,
The actor gives a performance and hopes the production waits.
So up to Cannes, the Oscars they hope,
With a film full of beauty even worthy of the Pope.
And then in a twinkling I heard martinis up!
The excitement, the energy, the anticipation of a filled cup
As I prepare the final slate and was clapping with ease,
The magnet broke, I call second sticks, then someone sneezed.
Down the optimism and the director was pissed
She was keeping the peace, she was thinking what was missed
A bundle of paperwork the line producer reminded was in sight
The director gets focus, calls back to one, and all was right.
Her eyes, how they spoke to her AD and then
All was right with martini and the DP began
His lens with the focus, his footage to video village sights
And the ISO on the image had all the rights
The crafty table empty, the background actors full
And the crew grew restless, searching for Red Bull
DIT protective of the cart with the power
Telling people to stop plugging their phones during lunch hour
Director was smart and confident with a twinkle in her eye,
And the executive producer knew she could take the story and fly
A romance between costars, and a nomination to enlight,
The production poured champagne and celebrated the night.
Whether we win or not, I'll always remember 
The family, the spats, and our time on set together 

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